When it comes to Knowledge, Skill, and Experience, I have had far more than most real estate agents

It is my Mission to:

Listen, be available, responsible, use my experience, and work hard to make YOUR transaction as seamless as possible, with no introduction to assistants, or other parties who are supposed to follow through on your transaction to closing.

Why YOU should hire me!

      There are many reasons you should hire me as an experienced Realtor®. Typically I only do enough transactions ( from $50k to $1.3m) so that I can manage all of the parts of the transactions myself, so you are not turned over to an assistant or someone not as familiar with you to complete the transaction. I update you on every part of the transaction myself.


      I have worked in the Charlotte area as well as the 7 surrounding areas, selling homes within about 1 hour drive of Charlotte. I have lived in several other states and areas of the country and I understand some of the physical and cultural differences of those areas in comparison to here, and I can prepare you for some of them. I have relationships with lenders, attorneys, New Home Builders, contractors, appraisers, surveyors and many others that may be involved in a transaction for your home.

Professional Qualifications and Experiences

         I began working in real estate in 1986 in New York. At that time, I purchased the first home that I could flip and profit from. With a partner, we bought a foreclosed apartment building, repaired it, and managed it for several years before selling it. During that time, we also went into business, bought, started, and sold businesses as well. The cold weather brought us south.


         In 1997 we moved to Charlotte, got my real estate license and subsequently got one in South Carolina as well. Since coming here I have flipped homes that I bought at the court house steps, some REOs and some from arms length transactions. Some of the homes were just to repair and sell, some were subdivided to make infill lots. Over the years I have personally owned over 50 properties. I have also brokered some commercial properties, and several businesses. With this wide range of experience and knowledge, my passion is still working with people to help them purchase the home of their dreams. As a Buyer's agent I enjoy helping buyers find and purchase their home. In today's electronic age, most of the search and the transaction has changed and is conducted in a paperless environment, except for the final lenders documents. Most of my listings are from past clients and referrals.